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Thai Cuisine Professional Program for Career (Both Domestic and International)

Thai Cuisine Course - 90 Hours


Thai Cuisine Course for Professional Careers both Domestic and International that is a course that emphasizes practical learning, including accurate theoretical integration during classes. Students will be required to cook dishes ranging from basic kitchen tasks to various specialized techniques. Additionally, students will undergo a labor skill assessment, and upon successful completion, they will receive a certificate from Bangkok Service School, a vocational skill assessment certificate, and a national standard vocational certificate for Level 1 Thai Cuisine Chef. These documents can support visa applications.

Course Details

1. Ingredients Management – Kitchen Utensils
2. First In – First Out Ingredients Storage
3. Sanitation in the Workplace
4. Workplace Safety
5. Practical Training in Cooking Savory and Sweet Dishes – Over 50 Menus
6. Repetitive Practice Training until Learners Can Professionally Cook Dishes
7. Kitchen Management and Teamwork Skills
8. Labor Skill Assessment for Visa Application for Overseas Employment
9. Training, Preparedness, and National Vocational Skill Standard Assessment
Specializing in Thai Cuisine Entrepreneurs – Level 1
10. Guidelines for Submitting Documents to Apply for a Visa for Individuals Wishing to Travel Abroad for Work

What Learners Will Receive

  • You can utilize your knowledge, abilities, and skills to work as a ‘Cook’ both domestically and professionally abroad.
  • Certificate of Achievement from Bangkok Service School
  • Certificate of Labor Skill Assessment for Visa Application (English – Chinese)
  • National Vocational Standard Certificate – Thai Cuisine Entrepreneur Level 1 (Thai – English)

Tuition Fee: 49,300 Baht.
(includes ingredients – equipment – chef uniform – textbooks and free accommodation for those who inconvenient to come)
Duration and Study Hours: 90 hours.
Class Days: Monday – Friday and Sundays. Class Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.